• Coloured Metal Grinder (4 parts)

Coloured Metal Grinder (4 parts)

This attractive 4-part grinder will mill your buds to a fine powder and sieve loose crystals for collection in its base. Comes in colourful anodised steel, the lid embossed with the name and website of our favourite seed company. A good looking and functional addition to every smokers tool kit!
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Our four part coloured grinder keeps your kief safe

Those experienced in the cannabis lifestyle know how nice a four part grinder with a sieve is. Instead of wasting the trichomes that get knocked off the cannabis while grinding, they are collected in the bottom of the grinder for later use.

This small, branded grinder is great for those on the go. It'll easily fit in a pocket or stash-box. And, it looks great. The silver, black, purple and blue steel sections bring to mind royalty, and our logo on top confirms this grinder is suitable for kings and queens. The bright colours are added by an electrical process called anodization. It's not paint, and won't flake off and contaminate your marijuana like the paint on other cannabis merchandise does.

How does a four-part grinder work? The plant material is ground in the top section by twisting the lid. The ground material falls through holes in the grinder section onto the metal screen in the sieve section. The small, potent marijuana trichromes drop through the sieve into the bottom section.

For everyday use, you simply unscrew the grinder section, take the ground material out and put it in your favorite pipe or vaporizer. After regular use, take a peek in the bottom compartment and you'll find a powder of fine trichomes.

Marijuana lifestyle aficionados know that this material is potent. You might've heard it called crystals while still on the plant, or kief when its collected in a grinder like this. Traditional hashish is made in a similiar way.

If you don't use a four part grinder, this potent material just falls on the floor or gets stuck to the inside of the grinder. Then, you have to tediously clean it out or your grinder will get stuck when you're trying to grind.

To use the collected trichomes, you can sprinkle them on top of the ground material or save them until you have enough to compress and smoke.

Stop wasting your marijuana. The kief that falls off is often the best part and shouldn't be thrown out. Order this convenient grinder today, and soon you'll have a trichome treat.

    By A. C. on 20/Jun/2016 :

    Τίτλος : comprare
    Comment : Come si fa a comprare?

    By A. M. on 08/Jan/2015 :

    Τίτλος :
    Comment : tres bon produit

    By L. S. on 18/Mar/2014 :

    Τίτλος : not to bad
    Comment : a little to small for my Hands only can grind a small bit a time and magent keeps geting cloged up kida a pain but works lovey and u dont lose THC :) ( why 3 star ) wish it was bigger for what u pay )

    By I. L. on 28/Jan/2014 :

    Τίτλος : A great grinder
    Comment : This grinder is tiny (like 2cm in diameter) but it is very durable and the 2nd level container (to which you grind your stuff) is exact size for 1 spliff. Grind it full, use on a spliff and it should be just the perfect amount for 2-3 people.

    By T. D. on 15/Nov/2013 :

    Τίτλος : Grinder
    Comment : Piccolo e discreto, il grinder perfetto per tutte le occasioni!

    By A. O. on 20/Jun/2013 :

    Τίτλος : small but useful
    Comment : i carry my grinder always with me because its small and it fits into my pocket

    By I. M. on 03/Apr/2013 :

    Τίτλος : great lil grinder
    Comment : Used it several times scince I got it and still love it. Yap, it's small but it works very good and fit in almost each pocket... Thx for this great tool

    By B. L. on 21/Feb/2013 :

    Τίτλος : Grinder
    Comment : Very interesting device. :)

    By M. M. on 07/Feb/2013 :

    Τίτλος : grinder
    Comment : its a bit small but does wot its made for easy to carry about and not to bulky thanks royal queen seeds

    By G. M. on 03/Jan/2013 :

    Τίτλος : Grinder sympa !!!
    Comment : Bonjour, Je trouve ce grinder sympathique, petit bémol quand même sur le diamètre. La taille n'est pas indiqué dans le descriptif et je tenais donc à préciser au futur acheteur que ce grinder mesure 3cm de diamètre. Merci royalqueenseeds.

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