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 🫡 Memorial Day Sale - 25% OFF selected strains
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 🤯 Auto Madness: Έως -50% στις αυτόματες

    Από J. K. Στις 19/Sep/2021 :

    Τίτλος : Midnight toker
    Σχόλιο : Friendly features. I love the scent of this plant. I recommend to everyone anywhere.

    Από B. L. Στις 25/Jun/2021 :

    Τίτλος : Mains vertes
    Σχόλιο : En train de germer, ça commence bien

    Από L. C. Στις 16/Jul/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Lemon Balm: Melissa Officinalis
    Σχόλιο : This is my namesake herb. I grew them last year, planted in spring and had a stunning crop in about 30 -40 days. This year I've got seedlings in the nursery under LED lights, on their way to being planted under the grow lights as companions. . RQS companion seeds are all very healthy, and all have sprouted well and grow beautifully. Lemon Balm is calming and has a lovely refreshing lemony smell.

    Από P. K. Στις 02/Jun/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Parfait !
    Σχόλιο : Au Top je recommande !

    Από T. K. Στις 09/Apr/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Happy Gardener
    Σχόλιο : I was pleased to find this plant when I read you can have companion plants in the grow tent as well I thought with this plant it will smell nice as well as keeping away the horrible bugs but if you have a clean home + that you clean your tent after every use you wont have any problems, I read that the lemon balm plant strangles every other plant so I thought I wont put them into the same pot as my ladies but there growing nicely in there own pot. Thanks RQS Respect, You have allot to offer

    Από T. H. Στις 02/Oct/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Good quality seeds
    Σχόλιο : nice seeds, germination went fast, within a week at 22 degree. everything what I've planted has germinated so far. with the big one from 2 months old standing big and tall at 45 cm long and 90 cm wide already.

    Από F. H. Στις 25/Jun/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Very good Guardianss
    Σχόλιο : I almost had no issue with the ennemis of cannabis, perfect at all categories, Royal Queen Seeds. You won a really good customer because of your quality, in seeds, starter kits, guardians, boosters. Thanks for all this big work you do.

    Από D. H. Στις 24/May/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Bin gespannt
    Σχόλιο : Ich bin gespannt ob sie keimen, nach 10 Tagen noch nichts zu sehen. Ich werde berichten.

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