• Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack

Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack

Περιεχόμενο συσκευασίας

Lemon Balm
Companion planting to keep unwanted insects away makes good sense. It is the 100% organic way to protect your cannabis from pests. No pesticides guarantees great flavours and a positive environmental footprint. These seeds were chosen with the cannabis grower in mind by RQS team.
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Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack: An organic fortress around your weed

The Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack by Royal Queen Seeds offers companion plants renowned for their bug repelling characteristics. Keep invasive pests at bay naturally with growing plants that have been chosen to benefit your marijuana. This selection of plants dissuades a number of insect pests including the dreaded spider mite and equally awful aphid.

Planting this combination will benefit your cannabis in several ways. Primarily these species deter a range of insects and mites, wasps and aphids that are known to invade cannabis. In the soil, bad nematodes and other worms are repelled while the soil structure itself is improved. A number of these species produce fragrances pleasing to humans that also keep pests like mosquitoes and flies away.

Companion planting is the sure fire way to control pests naturally. The Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack help produce organic purity in your grow. The only human-made thing you will need is an atomiser to spray homemade organic tonics. Companion planting will help consolidate strong and vigorous, bug-free, and verdant marijuana of the highest quality. It's a warm fuzzy for the Earth too.

This pack includes:

-Lemon Balm

    By R. B. on 25/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Royal garden
    Comment : All germinated and are growing strongly very good

    By A. G. on 18/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Super !
    Comment : Avec ça, pas de bébêtes et un joli rendu.

    By F. R. on 18/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Royal Guardians Pack Anti-Insectes
    Comment : Commande rapidement expédiée, pas encore d'avis sur la graine.

    By S. D. on 05/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Royal pack anti insetti
    Comment : Si possono mettere direttamente nel vaso oppure vicino alla pianta?

    By M. S. on 04/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Bonne qualité
    Comment : Graines d excellente qualité pour une méthode qui fonctionnne

    By M. C. on 22/Apr/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack
    Comment : Great guardians pack. No unwanted insects with these companion herbs! Keep up to good work RQS, you are the best!

    By A. N. on 24/Jul/2019 :

    Τίτλος : perfect
    Comment : works very well

    By A. L. on 14/Jun/2019 :

    Τίτλος : pack anti insectes
    Comment : pour l'instant tout se passe bien

    By R. K. on 28/May/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Passen gut in jeden Naturgarten
    Comment : Sehr empfehlenswert !

    By P. M. on 18/Apr/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Smart & EcoFriendly
    Comment : Started to germinate these little helpers a while and all ready they are keeping the girls safe! Not only are we providing for a healthy crop we are helping Earth, one seed at a time :)

    By D. O. on 01/Apr/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Great quality
    Comment : Absolute top quality seeds. Most I've planted 3 days ago are already above ground loving the nice but of sun we've had the last week.

    By M. B. on 07/Feb/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Gatekeeper
    Comment : Wachsen jetzt im Chilitopf am Fenster. Hoffentlich bleiben Mieslinge weg!

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