Welcome to the Mystery Voucher Madness !!

To celebrate the launch of our new website design we are adding mystery madness discount vouchers to all orders placed on our new webshop.

What are Mystery Madness Discount Vouchers?

That’s the Mystery! Some vouchers are topped up with shopping credits. There are even vouchers that have 500€ shopping credit!

How to get a Mystery Madness Discount voucher?

Place an order at our webshop, and we will put a free Myster Madness Voucher inside your order along with the free seeds you already receive.

How do I check if I have won?

Go to our webshop and place a new order, enter the mystery madness discount voucher at the check out and find out what your voucher is worth!

What prizes can I expect?

That's the fun, it could be free shopping credit, free seeds or even free merchandise!

Till when is my voucher valid?

This promotion runs until 31-12-2013.

Mystery Madness


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