• Sweet Basil Royal Guardians

Sweet Basil Royal Guardians

Sweet Basil is a favourite culinary herb and excellent pest deterrent when used as a companion plant for cannabis. It is easy to grow and will add some versatility to your grow patch. These Sweet Basil seeds will give you everything you need to get started with them.
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Sweet Basil will help protect your cannabis garden

As a companion plant to cannabis, Sweet Basil, attracts butterflies and a number of beneficial predatory wasps to your garden. The sweet aroma of basil in the air acts as a deterrent to aphids, asparagus beetles, mosquitoes, tomato horn-worms, and whitefly. An annual grown from seed fresh every year, it can be sown directly in the ground or in a container. Place a pinch of seeds on the surface and cover lightly with soil mix. Regularly pluck out the flowers and young growth to encourage a healthy plant with a lush aspect.

Sweet Basil, also known as St. Josephs Wort (Ocimum basilicum), is so well regarded it is considered the royal herb. With large, soft, lush and fragrant foliage it is one of the most extensively used culinary herbs in the world. Sweet Basil features predominantly in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine, and a Thai green curry doesn't taste quite right until the Basil is added. Easy to look after and thriving in the warmer months its broad leaves means it can tolerate part shade and it will flower prolifically if allowed.

Latin name Ocimum basilicum
Type Annual, herbaceous.
Height 30 - 130cm (30 - 45 cm)
Harvest 8 - 10 weeks from germination (unless topped, then doesnt flower). Frequent harvesting will prolong the life of the plant.
Effect Aromatic, disctraction (small white flowers) and stealth.
Climate Warm season, Full sun, sensitive to cold, dry conditions.
pH Prefers 5,5 to 6,5. Can grow between 5,1 and 8,5.
Soil Loose, well drained, and average to rich in composition.
Germination 5 - 10 days / above 21°C
Spacing 22 - 30cm apart
Seeds per gram 500 and 1.000

Basil helps repel flies, mosquitoes, and thrips. Basil leaves have the best flavour just before the plant flowers.

It behaves as an annual if there is any chance of a frost.

    Από A. F. Στις 23/Oct/2023 :

    Τίτλος : Genially
    Σχόλιο : Flores de qualidade e uso para cozinhar! Parabéns pelo trabalho

    Από D. L. Στις 23/Jan/2023 :

    Τίτλος : Mendocno
    Σχόλιο : Vraiment bien Q/S au top

    Από C. C. Στις 21/Apr/2021 :

    Τίτλος : Super Basil
    Σχόλιο : Basilico fantastico ( e io me ne intendo di basilico).

    Από A. M. Στις 16/Mar/2021 :

    Τίτλος : Super
    Σχόλιο : Bonnes graines, bon prix. Au top !

    Από N. E. Στις 04/Jan/2021 :

    Τίτλος : Mr
    Σχόλιο : Parfait !

    Από L. J. Στις 25/Jun/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Nice
    Σχόλιο : Grows good and smells very well

    Από L. M. Στις 09/Jun/2020 :

    Τίτλος : buono
    Σχόλιο : da innaffiare spesso

    Από J. R. Στις 27/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Muito bom
    Σχόλιο : Perfeito para cultivar junto com as suas ervas

    Από E. J. Στις 05/May/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Good
    Σχόλιο : Fast delivery, grows quickly!

    Από J. V. Στις 18/Apr/2020 :

    Τίτλος : Makkelijke plant.
    Σχόλιο : Heerlijk snel groeiend

    Από L. L. Στις 17/Jun/2019 :

    Τίτλος : qualità e velocità
    Σχόλιο : ottimo prodotto

    Από M. B. Στις 10/Jun/2019 :

    Τίτλος : Genial
    Σχόλιο : Las pedí para completar mi jardín junto con la lavanda, planté unas cuantas hace dos semanas y están creciendo preciosas.

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